Sunday, March 15, 2020

DIY Raised Outlet Behind Furniture

Hey there! So I saw a website the other day that shared some links to make your own raised outlet behind the couch and I sent it to my husband asking him if we could make one. He was all about it - providing we had enough room in our little house.

You see, I have a lot of hobbies. They take a lot of tools. And then we have our 6 family members with our "stuff" and our furniture. We try to keep it limited, but it's difficult when we all have our creature comforts.

Back to the build! We went to our local hardware store and bought the needed supplies:

                         Wood Cuts
2 (Top and Bottom) - 1" x 4" x (your measurement) - The bottom is 1.5" less than the top

2 Legs - 1" x 3" x (your measurement) - Measure the height

1 or 2 Middle supports- 1" x 2" x height between top and bottom lengths

                       Other Supplies
*Inexpensive extension cord - 1 per outlet (we used 2 on the couch) We used this one
*Outlet of your choice - We used this one
*Outlet cover - We used this one
*Electrical Tape - Similar to this
*Outlet Box - Like this
*Screws - 1 1/8"

Husband using a chisel to open the square after using a handsaw

Tools Needed
Rotary Saw
Chisel (Not necessary but useful)
Drill with Drill Bit and Screw Bit
Measuring Tape
Carpenter Square
Sand Paper
Rag and Gloves

Ok. Now that you have everything cut out and sanded it's time to put it together. We took the top and screwed the legs on. Then screwed the bottom to the legs - the bottom length goes between the legs so screw from the sides. You can choose to put the bottom support right at the floor level, or raise it up a little, but remember that the support bars will need something to push on - this video is with the bottom support raised, we chose to change it for the second build.

Once you have the big square - add your supports, screwing from the top and bottom so itlooks similar to this (We did not measure the spacing, it wasn't important to us because it won't be bearing weight).
Finished couch shelf. Outlets plugged in with the extension cords

With the big frame and the supports together, I stained it using Minwax Red Oak 235 so it can dry while I get the rest figured out.

Now it's time to get the wiring figured out. First, you cut off the outlets on the extension cord and strip the wire about 1/2". Make sure you screw the plastic box into the frame and knock out a hole for the cord.
Screwing the box to the frame

The wire threaded through the hole in the box

With the cord threaded through the box that is screwed into the frame, you need to connect the wires to the outlet.

Connect the wire to the outlet

We then wrapped the outlet with electrical wire tape so there was an added layer of security between my furniture and the current.

Outlet finished, screw it into the box on the frame, then screw the cover plate and you're finished!

Here's what it looks like behind our couch -
Placing the shelf behind our couch

Once placed, the couch holds the shelf stable against the wall
Then we had to make one for between our bed and the mattress!
This is the space that eats pillows... I have no where to place the tv remote, my phone or glasses or anything

With the added shelf, I now have an accessible outlet on my side by the wall
 and our pillows won't get swallowed into the black hole!

I am so excited to see if you can make your own version of this shelf! It takes up hardly any space and is such a useful addition to our home!

This post includes links, but I will not get paid if you click on them. I included them for your convenience -feel free to purchase supplies anywhere you want.


Saturday, February 29, 2020

Bunny Easter and Jesus Easter. How do I celebrate both?

Hi there! I have been meaning to share this idea for YEARS, but have never considered doing a blog on it. Blogs scared me! Do I have anything important enough to share? Is it worth taking the time to put things together only to forget to post it? Well, it's time. I have so much to share with the world!

3 of my children with my angora bunny kits in 2015

So. Back to Bunny Easter and Jesus Easter.

April 2012 DIY Easter Buckets

I have 4 children and when they were little, my husband was often deployed over the holidays so I wanted to make the holiday a bit special for the kids. One Easter, I was thinking about the real meaning of the weekend and wanted to find a way to separate the fun bunny from the spiritual Jesus.
So I came up with Bunny Easter! Bunny easter is super fun, we go to all the egg hunts, the easter bunny brings his basket with the toys and candies, and we get to celebrate all the Hallmark things of the holiday. It's fabulous! I just read on another blog that their kids wanted to leave out carrots as treats for the easter bunny - how fun is that!

We skipped the buckets in 2015 because the reester eggs didn't fit!

This leaves Saturday night and Sunday for Jesus Easter. I love to make resurrection rolls on Saturday night so we can talk about the story of the crucifixion and wake up to yummy sweetness for breakfast before we head to church to worship and learn more of Jesus. This website has a great explanation of how to do this with the story - Resurrection Roll Story and Recipe

I know this is doesn't really go into detail - I'll leave that up to you and your family! Please let me know in the comments if this inspires you to start your own Bunny Easter Tradition!